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Float & Thermostatic Traps - 12/512, 8/508, 14/514

Marsh’s Float & Thermostatic Traps are designed to provide efficient removal of air and condensate from steam heat exchange systems. Functional and rugged, our F & T Traps are used for universal applications.

• High and low pressure systems
• Removal of air and condensate
• Steam exchange systems
• Design allows for straight-through or angled piping
• Interchangeable with most manufacturers
• Temperatures to 250°F

• Ease of maintenance by removing top and
bottom plug for cleaning
• Excellent flow-through design
• Stainless steel float
• Stainless seat and needle on high pressure models

• Specify low (15#) or medium (125#) pressure
• Stainless seat for 125# pressure
• Series 12/8/14 are low pressure to 15# PSI
• Series 512/508/514 are medium pressure to 125# PSI
• Stainless steel (bellows style) thermostats

All models shown are available with “Standard” Marsh thermostatic diaphragm or “Non-Standard” stainless steel bellows designed thermostat.

Float and Thermostatic Traps provide an efficient method for removing air and condensate from steam mains, branches or risers and from unit heaters, steam coils and like applications.
The Marsh Float and Thermostatic operation allows condensation to completely discharge through a float operated valve located at the lowest point inside the trap body. The thermostatic diaphragm element in the cap of the trap vents all air through the valve outlet but closes immediately in the presence of steam.
Stainless steel ball float is constructed to withstand pressures well over rating of valve. Trap parts are readily accessible without breaking piping connections.
The size and weight of our No. 12/512 and 8/508 permits installation in the piping without other means of support.


  Series 12/512, 8/508, 14/514 Dimensions and Capacities  
Series 12/512
Series 8/508
Series 14/514


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